The advantages and operation requirements of adhesive tape

by:CROWN     2021-09-17

Adhesive tape has excellent sealing performance during use, which can effectively prevent its gas release and atomization to a certain extent. The adhesive tape has excellent resistance to compression deformation, so the product is elastic. Durability can effectively ensure that its accessories are protected from long-term impact.

Adhesive tape has certain flame retardancy, will not contain toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute the equipment during use, is not corrosive to metals, and can effectively use the product. It can be used at temperatures from negative degrees Celsius to degrees Celsius Use in various temperature ranges.

The wettability that the surface of the adhesive tape will have during operation. It is very easy to bond during use, easy to manufacture, easy to punch, and the whole product has lasting adhesion, large peeling force, and initial adhesion. Strong, good weather resistance.

Before pasting, the adhesive tape needs to effectively remove the oil and dust on the surface of the adhered object and keep it dry. Don't stick it when the wall is wet in the rain. If it is used to paste a mirror, it is recommended to use it first, and then clean the bonding surface with alcohol.

When sticking the adhesive tape, its working temperature should not be lower than 10℃, otherwise, you can use a hairdryer to properly heat the tape and the adhesive surface. The pressure-sensitive tape will be effective after 24 hours of pasting. The tape must be pressed as tightly as possible, so when sticking a vertical load-bearing object (such as a mirror, etc.), if the two sides are glued together, please lay it flat for 24 hours.

Different products have different structures and manufacturing processes, but the principle is the same because viscosity is the key to performance, so pay attention to it when choosing and buying.

1. It has sealing performance, which can avoid gas release and atomization.

2. The compression and deformation resistance, that is, elasticity and durability can ensure the long-term shock protection of the accessories.

3. It is flame retardant, does not contain harmful and toxic substances, does not remain, does not pollute the equipment, and does not corrode metals.

4. It can be used in various temperature ranges. It can be used between negative degrees Celsius and degrees.

5. The surface has excellent wettability, easy to bond, easy to manufacture, and easy to punch.

6. Long-lasting adhesion, large peeling force, strong initial adhesion, and good weather resistance! Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, and has good consistency on the curved surface.

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