The characteristics of high temperature tape make it suitable for many industries

by:CROWN     2021-12-14

High temperature tape has the following characteristics:

1. Not sticky;

2. High and low temperature, the long-term use temperature of the product can reach 260 degrees Celsius;

3. Corrosion resistance;

4. Low friction and wear resistance;

5. High moisture resistance and insulation;

Currently, the thickness of conventional products is 0.13mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, and the color is brown and black.

High temperature resistant tape is mainly used for:

1. Insulation coating in the wire and cable industry;

2. Insulation lining for electro-oxygen industry;

3. The surface coating of the storage tank roller and the friction lining of the guide rail can be directly attached to various large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers). It is easy to operate, can avoid the restrictions of professional equipment, special technology, and transportation, and transport it to a professional spraying factory for spraying of PTFE materials.

4. Used as insulation high temperature material in textile, food, pharmaceutical, wood processing, and other sectors;

5. Microwave drying of color printing and packaging machines, plastic weaving and drawing machines, various conveyor belts and various packaging machines for clothing, hot-pressing and sealing industries, and hot-pressing end faces of sealing machines.

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