The difference and advantages and disadvantages of the three types of double-sided tapes: water glue, oil glue, and hot melt adhesive

by:CROWN     2021-12-05

Double-sided tape has become an indispensable tape in industrial production and daily life because of its convenient use and double-sided posting characteristics. But you know that there are actually many types of double-sided tapes, and the prices of glues of different properties It is different from use. In order to better choose suitable double-sided tape for friends, today I will introduce the differences and advantages, and disadvantages of three types of double-sided tapes: water glue, oil glue, and hot melt adhesive tape.

Double-sided water glue uses water as solvent to emulsify acrylic or polyurethane resin through special emulsification equipment. Its greatest strengths are variety, environmental protection, and low price. Double-sided water glue has the characteristics of good stickiness and strong initial tack, but its holding power is worse than oil glue and hot melt glue. It is generally used for bag sealing and photo frame posting.

Double-sided oil glue is made by dissolving acrylic or polyurethane with oily solvent (toluene, DMF, methyl ethyl ketone, etc.) as the solvent. Its strength is that it is highly viscous and can withstand a certain high temperature. The glue is relatively stable and can be maintained for a longer period of time. The disadvantage is that because of the use of oily solvents, there is a shortage of environmental protection, and the price is more expensive than water glue and hot melt glue. Double-sided oil glue is often used for posting electronic products, picking up paper in carton factories, etc., and is widely used.

Hot-melt hot-melt double-sided adhesive is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is mainly composed of synthetic rubber, resin, and rubber oil mixed and heated to a molten state and then coated on tissue paper, cloth, or plastic film, and other substrates. A new type of adhesive tape made, low cost is its biggest advantage, the disadvantage is that the viscosity is significantly affected by temperature. Mainly used for all kinds of sealing, box sealing, paper packaging, beverage bottle labels, sealing aluminum foil, flexible packaging, and other packaging; environmentally friendly paper pallets, etc., are used to various materials. At present, it is the most cost-effective double-sided tape and the most widely used.

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