The elasticity and principle of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-22

Currently, adhesive tape wholesale is a hot industry. Scotch tape is widely used in various polymers. The adhesive tape consists of two parts, a substrate and an adhesive, and two or more unconnected objects are bonded together by bonding. Together. Since the molecules themselves form bonds with the molecules of the objects to be connected, these bonds can hold the molecules together firmly, and various polymers are widely used in modern times.

First cut off a piece of clear glue, then stick and peel the sticking part of this piece of clear glue and the sticking part of the other piece of clear glue. Repeat a few times and a piece of gel-like will appear, then stick with it and tear it off; when it's relatively large, it will stick out the edge of the clear glue, it will pull out a layer, roll that layer onto the ball and roll repeatedly.

Roll it to your preferred size, dip the ball in the water, remove the stickiness, and you're done. It can be seen that the wholesale of Scotch tape is so popular not only because of its powerful function but also because it can be made into a fun toy.

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