The function and use of double-sided foam tape

by:CROWN     2021-11-22

Before discussing this topic, I would like to ask if we all have a better understanding of double-sided foam tape, are you not unfamiliar? If you feel unfamiliar, you should not ask about this topic, but first, ask the bubble What is cotton double-sided tape. So now whether you know what foam double-sided tape is or not, I will introduce it to you first. Double-sided foam tape is made of foamed plastic particles according to different foaming coefficients as raw materials, and after double-layer coating with specific glue and subsequent processing, the double-sided tape formed is called foam double-sided tape. Now we should have a general understanding. So next, I will introduce the effect and use of foam tape.

Now I will introduce to you: the effect and use of double sided foam tape. The main double-sided foam tape is widely used in construction sites, advertising company decoration, home decoration, and other occupations to post and fix the effect. Relatively speaking, the double-sided foam tape is very sticky. It basically sticks to the hand. It is not easy to tear off if you want to remove it. It is precise because of this feature and its relatively low price that it has won a wide range of customers. The joy of it, and it has been widely used.

Secondly, the foam double-sided tape is also suitable for the car making profession. This foam double-sided tape is called the car foam tape double-sided tape. Because the density of this foam tape is relatively small, the hardness is relatively low. Large, used in the car manufacturing industry, can effectively reduce the pressure on car parts due to car jitter, so it is widely used in the car industry.

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