The Magical Use of Scotch Tape in Daily Life

by:CROWN     2022-10-13

The products made by tape wholesalers are very widely used in daily life. Its use greatly facilitates our lives. In addition, some of its magical uses add a lot of fun to our lives.

For example, when sweeping the floor, you are often troubled by the hair, because it will stick to the ground or mop with static electricity. At this time, you can use tape to easily stick the hair off. There are also fingerprints and stains left on the surface of the keyboard after a long time of use, which are difficult to remove with a rag. At this time, tear off a piece of tape, stick it on the computer keyboard, tap it back and forth on the keyboard with the tape, and finally remove the transparent tape, you will find that there is a layer of stains on the tape. Therefore, its use is very extensive. As long as we find it carefully, we can use it better to facilitate our life. Of course, in order to ensure its quality and use effect, we also need to pay attention to its storage conditions.

We can test its quality, pinch the adhesive tightly and then quickly pull it apart, and pull off the adhesive on one side to see the purity and transparency of the original film. Check its moisture, if there is too much moisture and it has evaporated, the initial adhesion of the tape has dropped very much, and the feel can be distinguished. The better the masking, the thicker the glue, and the better the quality.

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