The material from which the tape is made determines the quality of the tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-28

The tapes and transparent tapes produced by tape manufacturers are mainly used for packaging and sealing corrugated cardboard boxes, or for connecting and pasting items. The advantage of tape is its convenience, it can be used anytime and anywhere, and the edges of the tape are easy to tear.

The sealing tape is used for joints, and the material of the tape is mainly derived from cellophane, polypropylene film, kraft paper, etc. The production process of the tape is to apply the pressed glue on one or both sides of the plastic substrate. One side is the same as ordinary tape, and the two sides are the state of double-sided tape. The main disadvantage of tape is also gradually transformed from the advantages of punching with the improvement of requirements, that is, the edge of the tape, if it is easy to tear, it will affect the function of the tape. In order to avoid this shortcoming, generally manufacturers will use higher strength polyester film as raw material for production to ensure that the quality of the tape will be improved to a higher level.

However, the cost of polyester film substrate is relatively high in the market, so this method is difficult to be widely used, and some raw materials with low price and high quality are still needed to be found and applied in the future.

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