The reason for the double-sided tape peeling off

by:CROWN     2022-10-30

The double-sided tape produced by the tape manufacturer will encounter the phenomenon of the double-sided tape falling off during the use process, and this situation is also very sad. Now, we will explain the reasons why the double-sided tape falls off, and find countermeasures corresponding to the reasons for the tape falling off to prevent the double-sided tape from falling off again.

1. There are impurities, dust or oil on the contact surface. Rub with alcohol or thin material before sticking, and keep the contact surface clean before sticking.

2. If the liquid in the application environment is similar to the sun, spray or humidity, and the temperature is too low, please choose a good publishing environment.

3. The double-sided tape has expired, then, when purchasing, you must determine the service life of the double-sided tape and use it within the service life.

4. If the adhesive is overweight: If the adhesive exceeds the adhesive carrying capacity of the double-sided tape, it will also cause the double-sided tape to fall off.

5. Does it vibrate frequently during use? The unstable adhesion of the double-sided tape can cause it to fall off.

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