The reason for the warping of the edge banding tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-03

The products of semi-finished product manufacturers of master rolls are widely used in many industries. Its purpose is to seal the edges of the products well and play a role in aesthetic protection. But sometimes there is a warping situation when using it, what is the reason for this?

The adhesiveness of the tape may not be large enough, and some adhesive tapes are very small or even non-sticky. It may also be that the pressure of the pressure roller of the labeling machine is not enough. In the process of pressing the tape, it is necessary to master the appropriate pressure of the pressure roller and select the appropriate glue material. There is also an improper selection of adhesives. Some adhesives are permanent or removable, and whether they are one-time paste or re-applied, we should choose the appropriate product. Of course, it may also be because sometimes the surface of the product is not properly treated.

We should use the tape in strict accordance with the normal operation sequence, so as to better play its role and effect, and we should also pay attention to its maintenance so that it can play a better effect.

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