The reasons for the poor adhesion of the tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-18

We have seen many types of tapes in the market. When we are buying tapes, how can we choose the best quality tapes? Today we will follow the transparent tape manufacturers to find out.

In the process of our use, sometimes there is such a phenomenon that the tape is not sticky. The reason for this is that ordinary tape is coated with a layer of water-activated adhesive. When using, apply a layer of water on the adhesive surface to dissolve the adhesive. When Sun Jie force is generated, the adhesive can be pasted. The adhesive force of tape can generally be divided into initial adhesion force and permanent adhesion force. At present, there is no tape with both strong adhesion force. Usually, the stronger the initial adhesion force is, the weaker the permanent adhesion force is and vice versa. The operating conditions and use conditions of pasting have a great influence on the adhesive force. Only by understanding these factors can you choose a suitable tape and give full play to the adhesive effect of the tape.

The scotch tape wholesaler also told us that when buying tape, we must go to regular manufacturers to buy it, so that the quality of the products we buy is generally relatively good.

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