The relationship between the quality of the tape and the color

by:CROWN     2022-10-25

The products produced by tape manufacturers are widely used in people's daily life and various industrial and commercial industries. The demand for tape is also rising with the country's economy today. The most important thing for products is quality, and the quality of the tape is reflected in the quality of the product. Thickness, stickiness, and brightness are several factors that test the quality of the tape. So does this color affect the quality of the tape?

The normal color of the tape is transparent and white. For the color, the more transparent it is, the fewer impurities are mixed in the production process, so as to ensure the stickiness of the tape. Usually, tapes under 100 meters have certain transparency to see the paper tube. On the surface of the yellow tape, there will be many irregular white spots, that is, impurities, and the quality of this type of tape is not as good as that of the above types of products. It is easy to be left behind and has a distinct pungent taste.

Therefore, we can use this method to judge the quality of the product and prevent being deceived when choosing tapes.

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