The role of masking tape to form layers

by:CROWN     2022-11-18

For the production of masking tape, tape manufacturers mainly use four layers of masking paper layer, an anti-stick layer, a pre-coat layer and an adhesive layer.

Masking paper is the substrate layer of the masking tape. In order to make the masking tape have better elongation, crepe paper is generally used. The crepe base paper needs to be impregnated to improve the mechanical properties of the base paper. When the masking tape of the release layer is rolled, the adhesive layer is in contact with the other side of the masking paper. The adhesive layer has the characteristics of pressure sensitivity and high viscosity. In order to make the masking tape easy to peel off during use, it is necessary to apply a layer of release agent on the back of the masking paper. The main function of pre-coating is to increase the bonding force between the pressure-sensitive adhesive and the textured paper of the substrate layer to prevent the adhesive from falling off.

The adhesive layer makes the masking tape have pressure-sensitive adhesiveness, which can be adhered to the protected surface under less pressure and can be easily peeled off from the protected surface after use.

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