The role of transparent tape in daily life

by:CROWN     2022-10-10

The products made by tape wholesalers can be used in many industries. What are the matters needing attention in the process of use? Let's take a closer look now, shall we?

In daily life, especially the kind of clothes that are easy to stick to the hair, sometimes it is difficult to wash clean. At this time, we can choose to stick those edamame beans with tape to make your clothes cleaner. Secondly, during the Chinese New Year, few people use paste, because the paste is not easy to remove, so most of them choose to stick the Spring Festival couplets with tape, and sometimes they also choose to stick some other things.

When you just received the packaging tape, please be careful not to cut directly from the middle with a knife, but from both ends. The lower knife should not be too deep. The thickness of the carton is very thin. There is a little knife wound on it, the whole roll will be scrapped, and it will break when you pull it, so please be careful when you open the box, and try to avoid contact between the knife tip or sharp objects and the packaging tape.

In addition to life, we will often use it in learning. For example, when a book is torn, we can choose transparent tape to paste it without delaying reading.

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