The scope of use and main functions of double sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-09-16

In our daily life, we still know a lot about the double sided tape. For example, it can be used to paste books, simple things, and sometimes it can not only paste things but also a kind of decoration. Next, let us understand. Some of his functions and scope of use!

Double sided tape has good performance and advantages. Scope of use

Double sided tape is very heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It can maintain stable adhesion even under temperature changes; it is metal and gold-plated, and has good adhesion to plastics, wood, paper, silicone, plastics, and other surfaces that are not easy to adhere to; it has the ability to absorb external Impact, vibration and noise effects, and can prevent corrosion between different metals. Strong adhesion, good adhesion durability in high and low-temperature environments.

Because the double sided tape has the above performance advantages, it is widely used in the following industries:

1. Paste advertising panels or text, various shelves;

2. Paste the door panel of the microwave oven and the front panel of the air conditioner

3. Assemble internal and external panels of railway vehicles, steel plates for electrical panels or escalators;

4. Reinforcement boards for fixing printed circuit boards, assembling reinforcement materials for air conditioners, furniture, and vending machines;

5. Aircraft manufacturing and assembly in the aerospace field;

6. The assembly of household appliances and the fixing of metal plate reinforcement

The buckle has the characteristics of fire resistance and temperature resistance and is usually used in the anti-plasticizer series on PVC materials. It can also be sewn or matched with a different pressure-sensitive adhesive. This is a high-intensity industry that can be opened repeatedly. When the fastener is bitten together by many mushroom-shaped protrusions, a strong positive pull and shear force will be generated, which can firmly fix various materials and facilitate repeated opening. Suitable for high-strength temporary fixation.

The buckle is divided into many forms, rubber adhesive and non-adhesive are available. It can also be used for the temporary fixing of various materials. For example, vehicle assembly, exhibition layout, etc. Another type of industrial fastener is suitable for high-strength temporary fixing of materials such as metal, glass fiber reinforced plastic and plastic, and suitable for high-strength temporary fixing of wood and wood. Other materials are not suitable for the use of adhesives. It can not only fix a variety of different materials but also can be easily reopened. It is suitable for the temporary fixation of various light and small materials, such as the fixation of electronic product components, exhibitions, etc.

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