The sealing tape should prevent water and post-treatment methods

by:CROWN     2021-12-02

The family should know that when the sealing tape touches water, the adhesiveness of the sealing tape will be greatly reduced, so it is necessary to avoid contact between the tape and water. If you encounter water, don't worry, the price of sealing tape is still relatively cheap, and it is a big deal to replace it with a new one. So, let us explain the reasons why the sealing tape avoids water.

In daily life, the use of sealing tape is more and more widespread, and the occupations involved are also increasing. The function of sealing tape is to post things that need to be glued. Then why can't the sealing tape touch the water? Because when the tape gets wet, it will cover the surface of the tape with a layer of film, and because this film blocks the direct touch of the glue and the object to adhere, it will reduce the viscosity a lot.

If you want to restore the adhesiveness of the tape, you can choose to dry it with fire or dry it naturally, but the adhesiveness of the tape recovered in this way is far less than that of the new tape, and the adhesiveness is still compared with the beginning There is a distance, so the tape does not touch the water is what we must pay attention to and pay attention to.

Here, I believe that we also know the reasons why the sealing tape avoids contact with water, and also know how to deal with the tape when it hits the water. In fact, sealing tape not only appears in our daily lives but also often appears in industrial applications.

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