The use and principle of tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-22

In the early days, there was no wholesale product of adhesive tape, but the original method was used for simple mixing with soil. Later, due to the problem of firmness, bone glue was used for a certain degree of bonding, until the advent of various chemical adhesive products today.

Transparent tape is easy to use, easy to carry, light and affordable, it has become a beautiful, lightweight, membrane switch, widely used in automobile manufacturing, repair, construction, electronics, printing, advertising, computer hardware production, and other fields. The main reason why this product can bond objects is the action of the adhesive, the adhesive is coated on the film and has a certain stickiness, through the bonding of the tape, several unconnected objects can be bonded together, early adhesives were made of rubber.

With the advancement of technology, they are now made of various polymers, and the composition is the process of forming bonds between the molecules themselves and the molecules they want to bond. key role.

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