The use characteristics of masking tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-12

Masking tape is a self-adhesive tape made of resin-impregnated crepe paper as a base material. It is a common type of tape wholesale.

It can be easily bent into a curved and round protective edge without breaking, and the stickiness of the tape itself can provide proper retention even under heavy pressure. Secondly, its specially composed curable adhesive provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance and does not leave any adhesive marks. It is also very easy to operate and can be used even without scissors or blades. In addition, its unwinding force is moderate, not too heavy or too light, the unwinding force is easy to operate, and the tape base material is smooth, which will not cause the user's skin feel.

In terms of use, it is mainly used for sealing and packaging, masking during painting, coating and sandblasting, and fixing of electronic components and wires.

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