The use of tape in car painting

by:CROWN     2022-10-28

This product in the wholesale of adhesive tape plays an indispensable and important role in the process of automobile painting. Let's take a look at its use knowledge.

The substrates used in the tape are relatively soft, so the tape has good flexibility and good adhesion, which is very suitable for making beautiful lines in the process of car painting. Moreover, in the process of painting, the masking tape can play a good role in masking the painting, which can ensure the accuracy and consistency of the painting effect of the car. In the process of making the beautiful lines of the car, it can not only play a shielding role, but also play a good color reference role, ensuring that the lines sprayed by the car have a very good performance in color consistency.

It can also be learned that the car paint separation tape is easy to peel off, and the painted surface is very clean after peeling, and there is no residual glue, etc., which will not bring adverse effects on the car painting process.

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