Tips for selecting high-temperature tape that you don't know

by:CROWN     2021-11-12

I believe that we are not unfamiliar with high-temperature tapes, but a common problem that many people commit is to choose high-temperature tapes by price. This is a fault because price does not determine the quality of high-temperature tapes. So, next to Giant Packaging teaches us some high-temperature tape selection techniques.

1. Appearance color

When choosing the high temperature tape, we can investigate the color of the appearance of the high temperature tape. The appearance and color of a good high-temperature tape should be uniform in color and there will be no colors mixed together. A good high temperature tape has very good temperature resistance and solvent resistance, so its appearance must have a certain degree of anti-permeability and flexibility.

2. Product performance

After seeing the appearance of the high-temperature tape, the next step is to look at the tensile properties and tensile strength of the high-temperature tape. The detailed operation method is: we can hold the high temperature tape in our hand, and use the other hand to open the other part. We can tear off a section of high temperature tape first. Then pull the torn section hard to see if it will break. We all know that a good high-temperature tape has tensile properties and will not be broken so easily. If it is broken after a while, it can be certain that the quality of the high-temperature tape is not very good.

3. Stickiness

Good high temperature tape has very good adhesion. We can shake after opening, good high temperature tape will not roll down immediately. To test the stickiness of the high-temperature tape, we can also stick the high-temperature tape on the surface of the object, and then quickly lay it out. After repeating it several times, we can see how sticky the tape is. See if there is any change in its stickiness.

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