Tips for using transparent tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-31

We often use scotch tape in our daily life, scotch tape not only seals boxes and sticks things, but also has many applications in daily life. The following is a brief introduction to the practical skills in the application process by the adhesive tape wholesaler.

If the nails are often cut off when carrying materials, it is likely that the nails are not hard enough and the nails are too long, so the nail type does not comply with the mechanical principles and is disadvantageous. Use a nail clipper to cut off the cut nails. If the nail is cut, trim the outer nail first, then use double eyelid glue or scotch tape to secure the cracked nail to the edge of the nail, then trim off the excess tape. When you get home, peel off the scotch tape and apply a nail primer, then apply your favorite nail sticker, which will protect cracked nails and make them completely invisible.

The increasing use of Scotch tape in our lives is inseparable from its simple and affordable function.

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