Uses of Scotch Tape

by:CROWN     2022-10-21

The products of tape wholesalers play a vital role in our use, but the importance of raw materials cannot be ignored.

The difference in the raw materials of the tape affects the quality of the tape. The molecular weight or molecular weight distribution of the same tape is different, and the characteristics of the tape will also be different. The tape is mainly composed of two parts, one is the tape and the other is the glue. The substrate of the tape affects the toughness of the tape and the fusion of the substrate and the adhesive. So the interaction between them is also very important. Therefore, it is necessary to know in detail when purchasing tape. The raw material of the tape has a great influence on the tape, so various requirements need to be considered when choosing. We know that the product can be used in many areas, mainly for adhesion to things.

In particular, it can be pasted on carton packaging seals and sealed with automatic packaging machines, which have become the mainstream of packaging materials. In addition, storage boxes, gift packaging, and packaging of various goods, the transparent sealing tape can also be applied to product packaging storage boxes, covers, bundled items, etc., transparent sealing tape can also create multi-color printed text graphics, such as company Logo, phone, name, etc.

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