Waterproof function of double-sided tape

by:CROWN     2021-10-29

Waterproof and breathable membranes have many uses, mainly in electronics, automobiles, packaging, small household appliances and environmental fields. Its main purpose is to make electronic products dustproof, waterproof, breathable and heat dissipation.

Before installing doors and windows, please conduct waterproof and breathable membrane treatment. Wrap a waterproof and breathable film around the edges of doors and windows. Before installing the second top wall panel, you can install a waterproof and breathable membrane.

1. No adhesive is required, it can be melted without heating, just tear off the isolation layer, and it can be firmly bonded to the base layer. The construction is convenient and the construction speed is fast. 2. It has rubber elasticity, excellent elongation, and can adapt well to the deformation and cracking of the base layer. 3. It has deliberate adhesion to the base layer, and the adhesion is usually greater than its shear force (fracture on the outside of the adhesion surface).

Double sided tape, the full name of 'butyl rubber waterproof sealing tapeAn environmentally friendly, non-solid, self-adhesive waterproof sealant processed by a special process. It has strong adhesion and strong adhesion to various surfaces.

When constructing double-sided tape, the temperature of the anti-corrosion layer should be higher than 3 degrees to meet the construction requirements. If there is a lot of wind and sand during the construction process, it cannot be constructed without reliable measures.

Use double-sided tape to solve the problem of water leakage in the bathroom. Where is the bathroom easy to leak? Various gaps are the main cause of indoor water leakage, and toilet water leakage mainly occurs in internal corners and pipe roots.

Introduce the waterproof function of aluminum foil double-sided tape. Aluminum foil double-sided tape has been widely used in life due to its convenience and simple structure in life. Can it achieve the waterproof function of aluminum foil double-sided tape when used?

Explain the requirements and process characteristics of double-sided tape. Usually, the double-sided tape starts from one end of the adherent, opens the double-sided tape, then pulls it straight to the other end, and then presses the tape from light to heavy pressure by hand. Make it adhere firmly to the adherend; tear off the release paper from the tape. It is more convenient to use and is favored by users.

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