What about the plant size of CROWN Adhesive Tape?
The scale of the CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. factory is large. We are constantly introducing advanced machines to ensure high productivity of double sided adhesive tape . We employ professional engineers and R&D teams to focus on product development and production.

CROWN Adhesive Tape is a well-known manufacturer that provides double sided tissue tape production and customization solution. We are good at R&D and manufacturing. The ultra-thin double sided tape series has become a hot product of CROWN Adhesive Tape. CROWN double sided tissue tape is encapsulated in an exquisite way. The lead wire is connected to the electrode of the LED chip, and then mainly processed by mounting, soldering, and encapsulation. It is ultra-thin and can be offered with a customized design like surface fingerprint prevention based on customers' requests. The 100 percent of die cut double sided tape devotion helps CROWN win more recognition. Its most distinguishing features are strong adhesion and holding power.

Guided by double sided adhesive tape, CROWN will fight more towards a leading company with international competitiveness. Get an offer!
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