What are the characteristics and applications of acetate tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-02

Acetate tape is also a common type in the wholesale of tapes. Special specifications can be made according to the actual needs of customers. What are its characteristics and what are its applications?

Acetate tape has excellent insulation performance and environmental adaptability, and the adhesive and insulating paint has an excellent degree of integration, and can still effectively maintain the performance of the tape at a temperature of 135 degrees Celsius. Because the acetic acid cloth base material has strong moisture absorption and breathability, good resilience, is easy to wash and dry, no static electricity and hairball, and excellent aging resistance, it can reach more than 15 years. In terms of application, acetate tape can be used in various electronic circuits and high-temperature live production operations. It is common for electricians to wind acetate tape when installing wires, which can be used for insulation and anti-leakage protection operations.

In general, the acetate cloth tape processed from the acetate cloth base material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-aging, soft and compliant, good conformability, easy punching, easy unwinding, acid resistance, alkali resistance, mildew resistance, etc., Insulation performance is better than general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth, widely used in TV, transformer, air conditioner, computer and other manufacturing fields.

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