What are the characteristics of glass cloth tape

by:CROWN     2022-11-17

There are many types of products from tape manufacturers. We can choose suitable products according to our needs. For example, glass cloth tape is also relatively common. So what are its characteristics?

First, the glass cloth tape has high thermal stability and can work under high temperature conditions of 200 ° C for a long time, and even work in a high temperature environment of 260 ° C for a short time. Second, the glass cloth tape is soft and tear-resistant, has strong adhesion, and is not easily deformed. It is suitable for the maintenance of various profiles. Third, this tape has no glue residue, and when the tape is torn off after long-term high temperature curing, no glue residue is left. Fourth, its mechanical strength is also very high, and it is suitable for tight and firm coil wrapping.

In fact, each tape has its own characteristics and is suitable for different fields. Before using it, it is necessary to understand it clearly.

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