What are the characteristics of high temperature tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-22

There are many kinds of adhesive tape wholesale products, among which high temperature adhesive tape is very different from ordinary adhesive tape, so we can find out what its characteristics are:

High-temperature tape has special temperature resistance, high-temperature resistance, can withstand temperatures between 70-320 degrees, and can withstand voltage breakdown, can withstand voltage between 5kw-50kw, and will not affect the protection function, to ensure the production efficiency of goods. It is also corrosion-resistant, can be used as pipeline anti-corrosion, and can be used as a tape for pipeline protection for a long time, and it is also resistant to acid and alkali, and can be used for protection in acid and alkali environments. Another point is that it can be anti-static, can be used as LED backlight shading protection, applied to the production process that requires anti-static protection, and will not cause damage to goods due to static electricity.

In fact, there are PET sprayed high temperature adhesive tapes, paint high temperature adhesive tapes, PI high temperature adhesive tapes, polyimide high temperature adhesive tapes, sprayed red masking adhesive tapes and other types of products.

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