What are the elements and requirements of the printing and sealing tape technology?

by:CROWN     2021-11-13

Printed carton sealing tape has roughly the same function as transparent carton sealing tape. They are both used for carton sealing and packaging. However, printed carton sealing tape can often better help promote corporate brands. Therefore, the price of printed box sealing tape is higher than that of transparent box sealing tape. Even so, many people will choose printed box sealing tape. Now let us introduce what are the elements and requirements of printing and sealing tape skills?

Five elements of three-dimensional printing

1. The data is consistent: the original, pixel data, and printed image are always consistent with the lenticular grating pitch to avoid dry and streaks in the finished image due to the difference in data, which will affect the visual effect.

2. Accurate overprinting: the error between pixel and grating shall not exceed 0.0001‰. Because of the violation of any color plate, obvious phantom images of different colors will occur when the raster is composited, which makes the color and image of the whole image divorced and cannot be appreciated.

3. Rich levels: the printing dots are clear, full, dense but not sparse, sparse but not lost. If the outlets are out of control, density polarization will be formed, which will affect the aspirational reproduction of the three-dimensional picture and the space.

4. Prohibition of elasticity: Strictly controlling the elasticity of printed matter is the key to ensuring the perfect reproduction of three-dimensional images. The elasticity of printed pictures will break away from the constraints of the grating pitch, resulting in a change in the visual positioning of the picture, presenting a sense of anti-image, mis-image, and visual syncope.

5. Adjust the eyepoint of the screen: the eye point of each color plate for 3D printing should be less than that of ordinary offset printing. For example, the eye point of 300 lines/inch is K37.5°C37°, ㎡0°, Y22.3°, the purpose is The dots are combined in the cylindrical surface of the lenticular grating to form a horizontal arrangement of color lines to ensure a balanced transition of color and image levels and to avoid plate collision due to the level of the dots and the straight grating stripes, which may cause abnormal moiré patterns and affect the color three-dimensional picture. Reappear smoothly.

Three requirements for printed packing tape

1. Focus on offset printing skills, and the basis weight of coated paper for printing shall not be less than 250g/㎡;

2. The printing ink color is pure, high temperature resistant, boring and fast;

3. The number of screen lines is not less than 300 lines/inch or it is made of collo edition.

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