What are the factors related to the toughness of foam tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-13

What are the factors that affect the toughness of acrylic foam tape? I just shared the double-sided tape with you two days ago. Double-sided tape is mainly resistant to high temperatures, but what about foam tape? Today I will share with you the factors related to the toughness of foam tape.

The toughness of foam tape is related to these factors. For acrylic foam tape, we generally care about whether the adhesiveness of the tape is strong, or whether the length of the tape is sufficient? We usually only have these few requirements for foam tape, but these two conditions do not choose the type that is suitable for your use. If you use foam tape a lot, you should know that some tapes are in use. It is easy to tear off, some tapes are very strong, no matter how hard we tear them, such tapes are very safe for express packaging.

I believe that many friends have encountered such a situation because sometimes the toughness of the tape used is good and sometimes the toughness of the tape is not good. I only know the reason for the tape, but I don't know the specific factors. I have met customers asking this question many times. Some friends said it was the problem of the acrylic foam tape substrate, and some customers asked if the thickness of the tape is related. For everyone's problems, we will solve them one by one.

One reason for the different toughness of foam tape is the influence of the tape substrate. There are many types of tape substrates. Some tapes are fragile foam tapes, so the substrate of the tape is easy to tear off; another kind of tape is a tougher tape, which is very tough during packaging and uses and must be torn constantly. Cut off with a blade.

The second reason that affects the toughness of the tape is the thickness of tape. In the case of the same tape substrate, the thicker the thickness, the better the toughness of the tape. Therefore, it also misled a group of tape consumers to buy thicker foam tape in order to use foam tape with good toughness. Through the brief introduction, everyone has understood that the main factor that affects the toughness of the tape is the base material of the tape. The thickness of the tape does not have a great impact on the toughness, so when buying and using the tape in the future, you must choose a tape product that is suitable for the substrate.

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