What are the key points of using butyl tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-02

There are many product types of tape manufacturers, and butyl tape is also more commonly used, which has good waterproof sealing and chemical resistance.

Different sizes of butyl tape should be selected according to actual project needs. When we use butyl tape, we should pay attention to the construction in the temperature range of -15-45 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds the specified temperature range, we must take appropriate measures in time. measure. The surface of the base layer must be cleaned or wiped clean, kept dry, and free of floating soil and oil stains, and the bond should not be torn or peeled off within 24 hours after construction. In addition, the boxes should be placed at a distance of about 10cm from the ground, and not stacked more than 5 boxes. In short, these regulations for the use of butyl tape are all we must abide by.

It should also be noted that the high temperature environment is very unsuitable for the survival of the tape because if the temperature is too high, the adhesive on the tape will become very soft.

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