What are the properties of the material used in the tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-27

The materials used by the tape manufacturers in the production are strictly selected. If the polyurethane adhesive is used, there will be no side effects during curing, and it is not easy to cause defects in the adhesive film.

Then, the polyurethane adhesive, which is the material of the tape, also has good adhesive strength and impact strength, and is resistant to oil, chemicals, low temperature, odorless, and good softness. Then, the polyurethane adhesive can be cured by heating or at room temperature, and the process is simple. The polyurethane formula can be adjusted during processing, and the adhesive layer can be adjusted from flexibility to rigidity to meet the needs of different materials.

Polyurethane adhesives also contain highly polar isocyanate groups and urethane groups, which have excellent adhesion to materials containing active hydrogen. Polyurethane adhesives also produce hydrogen bonds with the material to be bonded. Add firm.

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