What are the requirements for choosing scotch tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-15

There are more and more wholesale and wholesale manufacturers of adhesive tapes, and the production of transparent adhesive tapes is also varied, which makes it difficult for us to choose when purchasing. In fact, whether it is suitable for us to buy scotch tape in shopping malls, hardware stores, wholesalers, or from scotch tape manufacturers, depends on our purchase volume, and only our purchase volume determines where we go to purchase.

In fact, when we choose, we must meet our own requirements, because as long as the quality is passed, the best transparent tapes on the market are made of Bopp film as the base material and processed with pressure-sensitive glue. It has strong puncture resistance and high viscosity. As long as the quality of the scotch tape produced by the scotch tape manufacturer meets such requirements, it can meet our requirements. There is the price, the price should meet our requirements.

The price of good quality scotch tape will definitely not be low, but it should not be too high. The price quoted by the scotch tape manufacturer should be within the range we can afford. Before purchasing, we need to understand the market price of scotch tape, so that we can not be fooled.

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