What are the tips for choosing transparent tape?

by:CROWN     2022-09-29

We can see that the use of transparent tape is really wide. The tapes in stores and supermarkets are wholesaled by tape manufacturers. There are many types of tapes on the market, but the quality is good or bad.

Next, take a look at how to choose packaging tape:

(1) You can smell the smell. If the smell is very strong and there is a sour smell, it means that the holding power of this tape is very poor, especially in a low-temperature environment, it will basically crack when it sticks to the carton.

(2) You can see the brightness of the film. Generally, the color of the inferior tape is dark.

(3) Look at the color of the tape. The whiter the color of the transparent tape, the fewer impurities in the tape, so normal adhesiveness can be guaranteed.

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