What areas can anti-slip tape be used in?

by:CROWN     2022-11-16

Anti-slip tapes need to be used in many places, which is inseparable from its own anti-slip effect, so tape manufacturers need to ensure their anti-slip properties when producing this product.

In some public places, including kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, stations, subways, train platforms, docks, hotels, kitchens, toilets, sports fields, fitness and entertainment rooms, elevator entrances, freight yards and other places, anti-slip tapes can be applied. Anti-slip tape is also required on some equipment, such as treasure house skateboards, scooters, treadmills, exercise machines, lathes and printing press pedals, passage steps on buses, etc.

In addition, the anti-slip tape can also be used on tourist vehicles, ships, trailers, trucks, aircraft suspension ladders, and large or small power equipment, so the application field of anti-slip tape is still relatively wide.

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