What can high temperature resistant tape be used for?

by:CROWN     2022-11-17

The high-temperature-resistant tape products of tape manufacturers generally have good high temperature resistance, high adhesion, no adhesive residue after peeling off, and solvent resistance. So what are their uses?

First of all, the high temperature resistant tape is mainly suitable for the shielding protection of high temperature powder unspraying and baking paint on metal surfaces such as computer chassis and cabinets. Then, it is also suitable for shielding protection and insulation during high temperature spraying of electronic products, the automotive industry, painting and other products. At the same time, it can be used in the production of printed circuit boards, electronic parts, and resistor capacitors, as well as in the process of dipping the PCB board to shield the gold finger and prevent the immersion and contamination of the electroplating solution. tape.

In addition, the high temperature resistant tape can also be used in household appliances, machinery, electronics, and other industries to play the role of high temperature painting and paint protection and high temperature binding.

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