What causes the aging of Scotch tape?

by:CROWN     2022-10-23

There are many types of products in the wholesale market of adhesive tape, which play a relatively large role in our daily life, but the product is found to be not sticky during use. Let's take a closer look now, shall we?

In fact, the material of the product is polyethylene. When storing it, you need to be careful not to place it directly in the sun, because we know that ultraviolet rays have high temperature characteristics, so they can quickly decompose sticky substances. If the tape is exposed to the sun for a long time In the light, it is easy to be age. Therefore, in order to delay the aging of the tape, it is necessary to keep the tape away from ultraviolet rays. Secondly, there are some metals. The tape contains organic compounds, which can react with the metal and cause the tape to age.

Because the content of oxygen in the air is very large, and the content of oxygen in the air accounts for 21%, it can accelerate the oxidation of substances and has great activity, so the faster the oxidation, the faster the aging. Generally, at the end of each year, production is in peak season, and there is a great demand for scotch tape, so the price of scotch tape is easy to rise.

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