What factors affect the adhesiveness of the sealing tape?

by:CROWN     2021-12-01

The most in-demand tape can be said to be the case of sealing tape. Because it is very widely used, we often use it in the office or at home, and the courier and logistics occupations use it more. Some professionals pointed out that the sealing tape used by the express delivery industry in our country can circle the earth 120 times every year. From here, we can see how huge the demand for sealing tape in our country is. However, the greater the demand, the higher the requirements for the adhesiveness of the sealing tape. Next, I will introduce to you what factors affect the adhesiveness of the sealing tape.

Factors affecting the adhesiveness of the sealing tape:

1. Glue thickness

The more glue is applied, the thicker the sealing tape will be (tape thickness unit um), and the stronger the stickiness will be. On the contrary, the weaker the stickiness. Generally, the thickness of the commonly used sealing tape is 47-52um( Micrometers).

2. Post appearance

When the tape is posted, the surface of the tape must be cleaned up. Impurities or wet water on the surface will greatly reduce the viscosity of the tape and cause the tape to fall off.

3. Tape quality

The quality of the tape is not good enough. No matter how thick the glue is, no matter how good the appearance of the post is to be cleaned, it will not help. Since the quality of the tape directly determines the adhesiveness of the sealing tape, the acquisition of the sealing tape also requires skills. If you want to really select the quality A good tape must pass thousands of choices.

The above are the factors that affect the stickiness of the sealing tape. I believe everyone understands it roughly. Therefore, when you find that your tape is not very sticky, you can analyze it from the above factors.

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