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What fields are EVA foam tape and PE foam tape used in?

Foam tapes, whether EVA or PE, have been used effectively in various applications. You can use the tapes in various fields, from construction to automobile, art, and craft. Here we have enlisted the key applications of EVA and PE foam tapes that you must know.

What is EVA foam tape?
Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam (closed cell) tape is typically known as EVA foam. An EVA Adhesive Tape Manufacturer uses EVA foam as an effective substitute for different materials. These materials included natural rubber, PVC foams, polyurethane, and others. It is also considered an effective substitute for fiber, glass, wood composites, mineral wool, and felts.
However, the EVA Adhesive Tape Manufacturer manufactures this tape using EVA foam with the help of a foam slitting process known as the fabrication process.
The EVA foam tape features a uniform structure that lets it process like other thermoplastics. It can retain its flexibility and resistance. It can even recover from compressions quickly. 
What is PE foam tape?
Another suitable adhesive solution here is polyethylene foam tape, commonly called PE foam tape. PE foam tape is considered a high utility tape as it is suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. PE foam is typically used in manufacturing PE foam tape, which is a closed-cell foam and suitable for various commercial and industrial uses due to its high resilience.
Adhesive Tape Manufacturer CROWN combines the powerful PE foam with strong adhesive backing, which lets it be bonded to multiple surfaces.
A Double-Sided Tape Manufacturer typically manufactures PE foam tape on a large scale for commercial, personal, and residential uses.

What fields EVA foam tape and PE foam tape can be used in?
Let's look at the fields in which EVA foam tape and PE foam tape can be used.
So, here we go:
1. Construction industry
Due to their versatile characteristics, EVA and PE foam tape are widely used in the construction industry. These are used in the building and construction field for bonding, sealing, and insulation. People usually use EVA and PE foam to seal gaps and joints in doors, windows, and other such building components.
EVA and PE foam tape contains excellent thermal insulation and weather-resistant properties. Some of the key applications of EVA foam tape and PE foam tape in the construction industry include:
· Most commonly, EVA and PE foam tape is used to insulate windows and doors in buildings. These adhesive tapes can provide an excellent barrier against drafts, moisture, and air infiltration in commercial and residential buildings.
· EVA and PE foam tapes are also effective for structural glazing applications where you must bond glass panels in building structures. EVA and PE foam tape can provide structural support and act as sealants here.
· EVA and PE foam tapes are also used for building insulation and vapor barrier. These applications ultimately improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
2. Automotive industry
EVA and PE foam tape are extensively used in the automotive field. You can find EVA foam tape and PE foam tape in various applications, such as:
· Noise reduction
· Gasketing
· Interior trim mounting
· Vibration dampening, and more.
EVA and PE foam tape help reduce noise and vibration, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient driving experience.
3. Electronics industry
EVA foam tape and PE foam tape are also commonly used in the electronics field. Due to strong adhesive properties, durability, and reliability, EVA and PE foam tape mount different electronic components.
Due to foam construction, these adhesive solutions also provide efficient shock absorption. You can also use EVA and PE foam to provide dust ingress and moisture. In addition, these strong adhesive solutions also help to manage thermal conductivity and ensure added protection of delicate electronic parts.
4. Sports and fitness field
EVA foam tape and PE foam tape are also effectively used in the sports and fitness equipment manufacturing industry. Manufacturers of sports and fitness equipment typically use EVA and PE foam tape for handle grips, provide padding, and ensure the protection of items such as sports accessories, yoga mats, and more.
5. Packaging field
EVA and PE foam tapes are also important in the packaging industry. This help protects fragile items by adding cushioning during product handling and shipping. In addition, EVA and PE foam tape also provides impact resistance and can be cut and shaped per varying packaging requirements.
6. Arts and crafts
You can also use EVA and PE foam in different arts and crafts projects. You can use these to create 3D effects, providing cushioned surfaces for multiple applications and mounting displays. 

Final Verdict
These are a few examples of fields where you can use the EVA and PE foam tape. Reading the instructions on the packaging of tapes provided by Double-Sided Tape Manufacturer CROWN can let you know where else you can use these tapes. 

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