What happens if there are bubbles in the double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-12-30

Most of the packaging tapes that have just left the factory have bubbles. That's because air is often enclosed between the adhesive layer and the adhesive layer during the production process of the double-sided tape or the slitting of the transfer process. Will cause bubbles to appear. When the box sealing tape has bubbles, most of the box sealing tapes that are placed just after the factory are usually bubbled. That is because the double-sided tape is cut in the production process or during the transfer process. Air is often enclosed between the adhesive layers, which will cause bubbles to appear.

When air bubbles appear on the sealing tape, generally after a period of time, the bubbles will disappear automatically. The longer the storage time, the higher the transparency of the double-sided tape, because after a period of time, the air escapes. When the tape is removed, the surface of the tape will be flat and the bubbles will disappear.

So many times, the reason why there are fewer bubbles in the sealing tape bought in the market or supermarket is that the length of the tape is less than 100 yards, and the time is longer, so the bubbles will gradually disappear automatically. The larger the tape, the longer it takes to be placed in order to become completely transparent and no bubbles can be seen.

It can be seen that the bubbles in the double-sided tape will not affect the quality of the tape. For example, the tensile strength has nothing to do with the bubbles. The bubbles only affect the appearance of the tape. The bubble tape can be used with confidence.

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