What is PET high temperature tape? PET high temperature tape use

by:CROWN     2021-11-28

There is a kind of high-temperature adhesive tape called PET high-temperature adhesive tape, which does not appear often in daily life. It may have appeared in your eyes. You don’t know it. However, it is unquestionably strong. . So, what is the PET high-temperature tape? It is convenient for you to recognize it when you see it in the future.

We generally call PET high-temperature adhesive tape splicing tape. Its primary substrate is a soft PET polyester film, which is then coated with a high-functional silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The most important effect of PET high temperature tape is to cover and maintain the surface treatment in high temperature environment, electroplating, electrophoresis, ultra-high temperature baking varnish, powder coating, and the application of the original end electrode of the wafer. PET high temperature tape has excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance, high adhesion, and no residual glue is left when the used PET high temperature tape is torn off.

The use of PET high temperature tape:

1. It is used for the packaging, binding, and sealing of heavy items, as well as repairing, binding books, stitching and stitching carpets, marking and color separation, waterproof packaging, surface maintenance, etc.;

2. Used for metal surface treatment of computer cases, cabinets, and other metal surface treatments without spraying high-temperature powder, baking paint to cover maintenance;

3. Used for fixing printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistors, and capacitors during production, covering the gold finger part during PCB impregnation process and avoiding immersion and pollution of electroplating solution, and for maintenance of printed circuit board gold plating cover;

4. Suitable for covering maintenance and insulation during high temperature spraying of electronic products, automobile industry, coating, and other products;

5. Household appliances, machinery, electronics, and other industries require high-temperature painting and spray paint maintenance, and pet high-temperature tape has the effect of high-temperature binding and fixing;

6. Pet high temperature tape is also suitable for use on release paper joints.

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