What is the cause of the curling of the edge of the masking tape?

by:CROWN     2021-12-08

In the electronics industry, there are often masking tapes. Sometimes, the edges of masking tape will be warped after sticking for a long time. This is undoubtedly a very troublesome job. If you want to deal with this problem , Then we need to find the reason for the curling, and then I will introduce the reasons for the curling of the masking tape. Six factors that cause the edges of masking tape to curl:

1. The viscosity of the glue is too weak, which means that the initial adhesion and persistence of the glue are not good enough, and suitable glue materials should be selected.

2. Insufficient pressure of the pressure roller of the labeling machine is also one of the reasons that cause the tape edge to warp.

3. Label surface material: When selecting label surface material, you should consider whether the labeling object is a plane or a curved surface, whether it is a large diameter or a small diameter, a single curved surface or a spherical surface, a rigid body or a compressible deformation. These indicators will have a direct impact on the selection of surface materials. Soft bottles should be selected from soft materials such as PE, PVC, unstretched PP, and materials composed of PE and PP. Rigid bottles can be considered for PET , BOPP, PS data.

4. Adhesive selection improperly: When selecting a self-adhesive adhesive, first confirm that the adhesive required by the produced self-adhesive label is permanent or removable, and is still It is re-stickable, and whether the product has special requirements for the chemical characteristics of the adhesive label. For example, when pasting on a large curved surface, it is not suitable to use heavy or hard paper materials (such as mirror coated paper). ), film or thin paper materials and adhesives with higher initial viscosity should be used; for containers that require hot filling, the surface material of the self-adhesive materials should use film materials and adhesives with good initial viscosity.

5. Insufficient control of film tension: after the correct film is peeled off the backing paper, the label is still flat and not curled, and the label can maintain better compliance after labeling; while the label with too tight film tension After peeling off the backing paper, the label warped, resulting in a simple phenomenon of label margin degumming and warping after labeling.

6. Unreasonable planning in the use of paper bottle shape: reasonable planning should be that the surface of the bottle is flat (mainly in the oblate bottle planning), but if the surface of the labeling range is partially When the ball label is labelled, the labeling area is large, and the lower end is simply wrinkled on both sides after labeling.

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