What is the scope of use of double-sided tape?

by:CROWN     2021-10-12

Double-sided tape manufacturers should pay attention to user experience and brand when producing tape so that consumers can understand the product quality and brand. Some product manufacturers will pay attention to the quality of double-sided tape, but some suppliers will repeatedly charge prices. In fact, everyone can understand that price reduction is also a major advantage of the mall.

However, have you ever thought that if the floor space cannot be reduced, then the price is closely related to the raw materials of the double-sided tape? The poor quality of the raw materials of the double-sided tape will directly lead to poor texture and directly affect the sales and brand of the mall.

In the peak sales season of double-sided tape, many manufacturers will choose some inventory according to their needs. If there is a problem with the raw material, problems such as degumming and insufficient viscosity will occur during use, which will affect its brand image.

As the market's competition for raw materials becomes more and more fierce, raw materials must be constantly broken and developed. Maintaining sustainable development that keeps pace with the times is the market's strategy.

Double-sided tape is mainly used for sealing, sealing, and bonding of packaging products, gift packaging, etc. It is often used in daily life. Double-sided tape has become a part of daily life and can be seen everywhere. It can be said that double-sided tape has been integrated into every corner of daily life.

If calculated according to the consumption of a medium-sized food production enterprise in a prefecture-level city, the cost of the double-sided tape used every year is at least 100,000 yuan. In a small and medium-sized city, the annual consumption of sealing tape shops exceeds 10 million yuan. Double-sided tape has a wide range of uses and has great potential in shopping malls. For laid-off workers, secondary occupations, and tertiary industries, building a factory is indeed an ideal choice.

All provinces, cities, and counties across the country have wholesale stores selling sealant products, and building materials stores, hardware stores, small stores, stationery stores, and supermarkets all sell sealants. It is widely used in packaging and sealing operations of food, medicine, cigarettes, household appliances, and daily chemicals.

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