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What is water activated tape?


In the field of adhesive solutions, Water Activated Tape has been making headlines for its unique properties along with numerous uses. This unique tape variation known as gummed paper tape or wet tape has been revolutionizing packing as well as sealing procedures in variety of sectors. We will go further into the world of water-activated tape in this article learning about its characteristics, advantages, uses & much more.

What is water activated tape?

The adhesive characteristics of water-activated tape, a specialized kind of packing tape are triggered by moisture. Water-activated tape creates solid bond when its adhesive is wet as opposed to pressure-sensitive tapes which adhere immediately upon touch.

How Does Water-Activated Tape Work?

The unique mechanism that distinguishes water-activated tape from conventional adhesives is how it works. This modern tape is designed to adhere tightly to surfaces providing a trustworthy as well as long-lasting seal. Its composition & activation procedure holds the key to its efficacy.


Reinforced paper is used to create water-activated tape. A specialized adhesive frequently made of starch is applied on one side of the tape. This glue is intended to be inert until it comes into contact with moisture.

Activation Process:

When employing water-activated tape, the sealing surface is covered with adhesive side. Applying moisture to adhesive side is the next step. This moisture can come from a specific dispenser, or wet sponge. The starch-based glue has chemical reaction when it comes into contact with water. A connection is formed between the tape & the surface as it dissolves and turns sticky.

The strength & durability of this bond make it exceptional. A tamper-evident as well as secure seal is formed as the glue dries, and successfully fuses with the packing material. In contrast to pressure-sensitive tapes which depend on instant adhesion, water-activated tape needs short waiting period to reach full extent of its bonding abilities.

Even on uneven surfaces or recycled cardboard boxes, the procedure enables an effective, and homogeneous seal. The moisture-driven activation helps the tape adhere to the curves of package assuring a tight fit as well as reducing the possibility of peeling or tampering.

Advantages of Water-Activated Tape

Water-Activated Tape also known as gummed paper tape or wet tape offers several advantages that make it a preferred choice in the packaging industry. Let's explore some of its key benefits.

Enhanced Security:

Water-activated tape becomes robust when dampened & affixed to packaging materials. Moistening the tape triggers a potent enduring connection. This bond significantly reinforces package security. Sealed packages gain tamper-evident qualities. The characteristic is crucial for shipping valuables as well as delicate items.

Eco-Friendly Option:

Water-activated tape's notable trait is eco-friendliness. It is crafted from renewable substances like paper, and starch-based adhesive. The tape is biodegradable as well as compatible with cardboard recycling. This aspect portrays it as an environmentally conscious option. Businesses aiming to cut down on their carbon footprint find it appealing.

Customizable Branding:

Water-activated tape provides an excellent opportunity for branding and communication. It can be customized with company logos, handling instructions or other information. This not only serves a functional purpose but also acts as a promotional tool creating a more professional, and branded appearance for packages.

Strong Adhesive Properties:

The adhesive within water-activated tape responds to water triggering its activation. This leads to the formation of a robust and enduring attachment on diverse surfaces. The tape's strength guarantees secure package sealing during transportation. Even under challenging shipping circumstances, the bond remains steadfast. Packages stay reliably sealed throughout journey.

Suitable for Recycled and Overstuffed Boxes:

Water tape sticks really well to boxes even the ones made from old stuff and filled too much. It is super good at sealing even if the boxes aren't the same good or nice shapes. This tape works great in all kinds of places, that's why lots of different industries use it.

Applications in the Packaging Industry

Water-Activated Tape finds extensive applications in the packaging industry due to its unique characteristics and benefits. Here are some of its primary applications.

Carton Sealing:

People use water tape a lot to close boxes and cartons. It's really sticky and strong. So things inside stay safe while moving. No one can mess with the stuff inside.

Shipping and E-Commerce:

Since online shopping got bigger, we need good packages more. Water tape helps a lot. It makes sure things don't get hurt on the way and stay safe from bumps & bad weather.

Food Packaging:

Water tape is even used for food packaging. It keeps things fresh as well as clean by sealing them up really tight. It is nice to the environment too. So businesses that care about the environment like it.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging:

In hospitals and medicine places, things must be super safe and clean. Water tape is great because it shows if someone tries to mess with it. That's why it is best for medical uses.

Industrial and Manufacturing:

Water-activated tape is used by industries that deal with heavy, or specialized materials to guarantee that containers stay sealed regardless of weight, or contents. In these circumstances, its dependability & strength are crucial.

Innovations in Water-Activated Tape Technology

The demands of the packaging sector and improvements in adhesive technology are driving further development of Water-Activated Tape (WAT). These developments have produced superior WAT variations with greater functionality, toughness as well as adaptability. Let's examine a few significant advancements in water-activated tape technology.

Reinforced Tapes:

The presence of reinforcing materials within the tape's construction is one notable innovation. The tape's tensile strength, tear resistance as well as general longevity are improved by this reinforcement which is frequently made of fiberglass, or other strong fibers. These strengthened tapes can therefore handle even heavier items, and difficult transportation circumstances.

High-Performance Adhesives:

Water-activated tapes with improved adhesives have now been developed as a result of recent advances. The tape will stick to different surfaces more firmly because to these adhesives' increased bonding abilities. This development is especially useful for packing goods that need more defense against tampering and outside influences.

Faster Activation Time:

In the past, a little soaking time was necessary for the adhesive in water-activated tape to properly activate. Faster activation times for tapes have been made possible by innovations enabling more efficient packing. In high-volume packing processes where efficiency is essential, this is extremely useful.

Improved Sustainability:

Innovative water-activated tapes are being produced utilizing more eco-friendly materials & procedures in response to the increased focus on sustainability. In keeping with current packaging trends, this also entails utilizing biodegradable adhesives as well as papers produced from sustainable forestry practices.

Enhanced Compatibility with Automation:

Water-activated tape improvements have focused on assuring compatibility with automated machinery as automated packaging processes become more common. Designing tapes that can smoothly interact with different packaging machines is one way to do this improving efficiency as well as lowering the possibility of interruptions.

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