What should I pay attention to when using insulating tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-01

We can learn from tape manufacturers that the main function of insulating tape is to prevent danger. Insulation can be used in the reconnection and reconstruction of lines.

When connecting the wires, the outer sheath of the wires needs to be cut before they can be reconnected, but this will cause leakage, and insulating tapes need to be used for this. Because it is relatively thick, it has a good barrier effect on electricity and can play a good protective role. Its own viscosity is not very large, but it has good tensile properties. When using it, it needs to be cut with a knife or scissors, otherwise, it will not be able to be used again. The effect of wrapping on the leakage group is Very good, and also can greatly improve security.

Ultraviolet rays have high-temperature characteristics and can quickly decompose viscous substances. The tapes exposed to sunlight for a long time will be decomposed by them, causing the tapes to age. This must be avoided.

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