What should I pay attention to when using insulating tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-10

The insulating tapes in the wholesale of tapes are generally used on the circuit, so the correct use is particularly important. Let's take a look at the relevant content.

When using, pay attention to the joints of the insulating tape should be tightly wrapped, smooth and free of burrs, otherwise, before the wire ends are disconnected, they should be lightly pressed with wire pliers, then wound to the pressure opening, and then swayed left and right, the wire ends will be very Disconnect gracefully at the connector. If the joint is in a dry place, you should first wrap 2 layers of insulating black tape, and 2 layers of plastic tape, then stretch about 200% with insulating self-adhesive tape, wrap 2-3 layers, and finally wrap two layers of plastic tape.

Only the safe use of insulating tape can ensure the safety of personnel and property, so we need to know more about this aspect.

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