What should I pay attention to when using tape?

by:CROWN     2022-11-13

Tape manufacturers are generally made of adhesives and films, so there will be a lot of glue or glue additives on the tape. What should we pay attention to when using it?

Before sticking, it is necessary to fully remove the stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc. on the adherend before sticking. If it is not removed, the tape with stains, dust, oil, moisture, etc. can no longer be used. It can be said that the viscosity of the tape is one-time, to avoid repeated sticking, after sticking, it needs to stand for a period of time. The tape should be avoided being directly pasted on the human body, uneven surface, and rough surface, which is not good for the human body, and the rough surface cannot make the tape exert its performance.

In addition, when storing the tape, you should avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, and place it in a cool place. High temperature will deform the tape carrier and make the glue inactive, which will affect our use.

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