What types of commonly used tapes are there?

by:CROWN     2022-11-16

Some tapes are often used in the packaging of electronic components, and there are many other types of tapes with their own applications. The following tape manufacturers will introduce us to the knowledge of commonly used tapes:

Masking tape has the characteristics of excellent viscosity, good temperature resistance, and good tensile strength. It is used in the production process of chemical capacitors, thermistors and other products. The cold-pressed tape has a very small initial adhesion, excellent adhesion to the surface of the tape, good paper quality, no curling, and a good masking effect. It is used for metalized capacitor spray gold masking. The hot-melt tape has small initial adhesion, good fixing force, strong durability, good weather resistance, and good solvent resistance, and is used in finished tapes of electronic components.

This is just a brief introduction to several kinds of tapes. If you want to know more, please come to our company for negotiation and consultation.

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