where can i buy heat transfer adhesive tape

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Heat transfer adhesive tape is a highly versatile and durable material that can be used for a wide range of applications. From textiles to electronics, this tape is an essential tool in many industries. Its heat-resistant properties make it highly effective for attaching fabrics, adhesive vinyl, and other materials to surfaces. In this article, we will explore where you can buy heat transfer adhesive tape, as well as its benefits and application.

What is Heat Transfer Adhesive Tape?

Heat transfer adhesive tape, also known as HT tape, is a type of adhesive tape that is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures. It is made from a combination of heat-resistant materials, such as silicone and polyester, and is coated with a pressure -sensitive adhesive. This tape is available in different thicknesses and widths, making it suitable for various applications.

Benefits of Heat Transfer Adhesive Tape

Some of the benefits of heat transfer adhesive tape include:

1. Durability: This tape is highly resistant to heat, which makes it great for long-term use.

2. Cost-effective: Compared to other adhesives, HT tape is an affordable choice for industrial applications.

3. High bonding strength: HT tape provides a strong bond between surfaces, making it reliable for various applications.

4. Versatility: This tape can be used in several applications, ranging from textile to electronics.

Where Can You Buy Heat Transfer Adhesive Tape?

The best places to buy heat transfer adhesive tape are:

1. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to buy HT tape owing to the variety of options available. Customers can browse through different brands of HT tape, read customer reviews and make informed decisions. Amazon offers a reliable and secure delivery system, ensuring customers get the product they ordered.

2. Local Fabric Stores

Fabric stores are a great place to purchase heat transfer adhesive tape. They typically sell a variety of brands at different prices, making it easy to find an option that suits your needs. Additionally, you can also receive advice from experienced staff.

3. Online Retailers

Several online retailers specialize in HT tape. They have a wide range of brands available, and buying from them can save you time and money. Online retailers offer fast and reliable delivery service.

4. Local Hardware Stores

Hardware stores often stock heat transfer adhesive tape, and customers can choose from different brands and types. They have sales representatives who can help you to identify the best HT tape for your project.

5. Directly From Manufacturers

Some manufacturers of HT tape sell directly to customers. This method can offer customers the most competitive pricing, as there are no intermediaries involved. Manufacturers usually have a minimum order quantity, so this may not be the best option for small-scale projects.

Using Heat Transfer Adhesive Tape

HT tape is easy to use. Here are the steps to follow when using HT tape:

1. Clean the surfaces that you want to bond together using a dry cloth to ensure there is no dust or debris on the surface.

2. Cut the desired length of tape using a pair of scissors or a knife.

3. Peel off the protective liner and apply the tape to one surface. Apply firm pressure to ensure a strong bond.

4. Repeat the process on the second surface.

5. Activate the adhesive by applying heat with a heat gun or iron.


Heat transfer adhesive tape is an important material in many industries. Its strength and heat resistance make it a reliable solution for attaching different materials to surfaces. The best places to buy HT tape include Amazon, online retailers, local hardware stores, locales fabric store and directly from manufacturers. When using HT tape, ensure to follow the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the desired result.

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