where to get adhesive tape in yakuza kiwami

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Adhesive Tape in Yakuza Kiwami C A Comprehensive Guide

If you are playing Yakuza Kiwami, you might have found yourself in need of adhesive tape at some point in the game. However, finding this item can be a challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with the game. You need to know about adhesive tape in Yakuza Kiwami, including where to find it, what its used for, and much more.

Understanding Adhesive Tape in Yakuza Kiwami

Adhesive tape is a common item that players can use to craft various useful items in Yakuza Kiwami. It's a versatile crafting ingredient that you'll need to create advanced gear, including Poison Arrow, Mad Dog Gloves, and much more. In most cases, You'll get adhesive tape as a reward for completing sub-stories or as a drop-off reward when you defeat bosses.

Where to Get Adhesive Tape in Yakuza Kiwami

Fortunately, there are several ways to get adhesive tape in Yakuza Kiwami. Here are some of the best methods to obtain this resource:

Method #1: Complete Sub-Stories

One of the most effective ways to get adhesive tape is by completing sub-stories. These are side-quests available throughout the game that reward you with this resource upon completion. To get started, all you need to do is follow the indicators and interact With the various characters in the game to unlock these side-quests.

Method #2: Defeat Bosses

Another way to get adhesive tape in Yakuza Kiwami is by defeating bosses. For example, if you manage to defeat Kuze, you'll receive adhesive tape as a drop-off reward.

Method #3: Buy It

If you don't want to complete sub-stories or fight bosses, you can always buy adhesive tape from convenience stores in the game. The price varies based on the store, so make sure to compare prices before making a purchase.

Method #4: Earn It

You can also earn adhesive tape by completing other side quests in the game. For instance, if you complete a restaurant quest, you'll receive some adhesive tape as a reward.

Method #5: Search the Map

Lastly, you can also find adhesive tape scattered throughout the game's maps. Make sure to check all corners of the map and interact with any objects you see to discover hidden adhesive tape.

What Can You Use Adhesive Tape For?

Adhesive tape can be used to craft various items in Yakuza Kiwami. Here is a list of some essential items you can make using this resource:

- Poison Arrow: Inflicts poison damage on an enemy

-Mad Dog Gloves: Increases attack power

- Binding: Restrains enemies by wrapping them in tape

- Slugger Majima's Bat: A powerful weapon that deals massive damage

- Nunchaku: A melee weapon that deals significant damage


In conclusion, adhesive tape is a crucial resource in Yakuza Kiwami that can be used to craft various essential items. Obtaining this item requires completing sub-stories, buying it from convenience stores, fighting bosses, earning it as a reward, or searching the map . Knowing where to find adhesive tape and what it's used for can significantly improve your gameplay experience. So, don't hesitate to explore Yakuza Kiwami, complete sub-stories and fight bosses to get the adhesive tape you need to create powerful weapons and items  … .

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