Which 2 sided tape company doing ODM?
Considering manufacturing prices, labor input and transportation, you will find more and more companies providing 2 sided tape ODM support for customers. The Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) represents the company that can design and produce the project. It requires the company to acquire expert layout skills. In general, a professional company should fully communicate with customers about the prerequisites for the ODM service before proper production, which will ensure a smooth and efficient process.
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By means of scientific and flexible management advantages, CROWN achieves the greatest value of ultra-thin double sided tape. hot melt adhesive tape produced by CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is very popular in the market. CROWN Solvent acrylic adhesive tape is manufactured through a closely controlled chemical combination. All the ingredients are processed at high temperatures to achieve great chemical properties. It is made of hard adhesives that are not easy to squeeze out. One of the most popular functions of water based adhesive tape is reliability. It contains no optical brightener and is applicable to the daily necessities, cosmetics, and health care products.

Towards a more sustainable business model, we get ourselves involved in environmental protection and energy conservation during the production processes, such as minimize electricity consumption, reducing resources, and reducing discharges.

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