Which high strength double sided tape company doing OEM?
As double sided tape is demanding quickly, the needs of clients skyrocket. Thus, a growing number of producers start to concentrate on creating its OEM service. CROWN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. is one of these. A manufacturer which may do OEM service is capable of producing based on the drawings or sketches given by the seller. The business has been providing expert OEM service for clients since established. Due to its highly innovative technology and knowledgeable staff, the final product is broadly recognized by customers.

Over the years, we have been specializing in the design and production of double sided adhesive tape. We have become an expert in the industry. The Solvent acrylic adhesive tape series has become a hot product of CROWN Adhesive Tape. Complying with strict production safety standards, CROWN where to buy transfer tape is manufactured and processed by antistatic methods to protect its chips from damage. Made in high-end clean rooms, it has high cleanliness. The basic benefit of this product is the protection of goods to be sold. It prevents damage during transport and storage from the elements, vibration, and compression through a physical layer of protection. It is good for punching and die cutting applications.

In accordance with the positioning of hot melt adhesive tape, CROWN has accelerated the strategic layout of its marketing service, technology research and development. Inquire online!
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